The involvement of families in our school is one of the keys to ensuring that children fully live their growth process.

Fluid communication between school and family usually means a good integration of the child and a happy and meaningful life of his / her days at the school.

In Els Menuts de la Pineda we are very aware of the individuality of the child and their maturation development. Always with the collaboration of parents we aim to get to know each and every one of our children in order to offer them the education and treatment that best suits their personal characteristics. That is why we believe in the importance of fluid communication between families and school, either face-to-face or via e-mail.

Each child is a unique individual who develops under certain circumstances and may or may not be similar to other peers; family situation, mother and father language, habits, customs, etc. IN ELS MINUTS OF LA PINEDA we want the child to adapt in the most comfortable way to us, but we also want to be the ones who adapt to the child. That is why the adaptations are made together with the families in the same center.

Menuts de la Pineda is a secular school, which respects the differential rights of all children and their parents, maintaining their secular character in the celebration of traditional holidays and in accordance with our principles of diversity, cooperation and sustainability.

  • Castanyada (All Saints Catalan Tradition)
  • Christmas
  • Carnival
  • Menuts Festival
Festival fin de curso | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar
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