A day in Menuts

Relaxed arrivals

Children arrive at the school between 9:00 and 9:30 h. This margin is given to avoid starting the day in a hurry, having to run so as not to be late and to be able to offer children and their families an individualized “good morning”. The progressive arrival of children allows for a more personalized and closer initial reception: being able to greet us, speak individually, exchange communications …

Bebés explorando nuevos materiales | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar
Bebé aprendiendo a gatear | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar


In the school we incorporated a couple of years ago a habit as healthy as Yoga.
Before starting the routine at home, P2 children practice yoga for a 15-minute session.
Among others, yoga promotes serenity, improves self-esteem, helps reduce aggression, and encourages thinking and creativity.

Good Morning and Chatting

Good morning is an activity we do daily at home and children really like it. It’s a great way to start your day!

Let’s look at who’s coming, sing songs, talk about what we’re going to do that day, and have fun; We salute NANA, the school’s mascot, we wake her up and we wish her a good day!

Excursión a la granja | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar
Niños pintando en clase | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar

Activities / Learning environments

Every day it takes shape in free and directed activities.
Twice a week, P2 children enjoy the learning environments typical of active school methodology.
Environments are spaces designed for children to be the protagonists of their own learning. It allows them to foster independent exploration, experimentation and discovery, encouraging the development of multiple intelligences. Each child puts their concerns and needs into play, the desire to learn and curiosity are the keys to meaningful learning.


Before lunch, we go out to the playground for a while.

More info: Playground Project

Niños jugando en el patio | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar
Niños jugando a las cocinitas | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar


At Els Menuts de la Pineda we are responsible for teaching children that healthy eating helps them grow and live better.

Our dining service, managed by the company Serunion, responsible company and reference in the sector, offers the best catering service.

We like to emphasize:

  • 85% of the fresh ingredients used in the kitchen are local or KM0.
  • The olive oil used for both cooking and dressing is EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.
  • Every Wednesday at Menuts is VEGETABLE PROTEIN DAY.
  • To the Menuts of the Pineda we DO NOT give SUGAR to the children !!
  • Serunion pays attention to the different diets and / or nutritional needs of the children who require it, following a strict hygienic-sanitary protocol.
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