An Open School

The Center offers a WebCam service in all its classrooms and courtyards.
All parents of Els Menuts de la Pineda acquire an individual code and a non-transferable password for each child, which is renewed each year with the entry of the new school year and which allows them to access the cameras via Internet through Babynet, and enjoy the activities that the children do in real time.

Fingerprint access. Automatic identification and control of all entrances to the center through fingerprints.

The KinderTIC platform promotes and promotes fast, open and reciprocal communication between the school and families through direct messages, internal messages, digital circulars, e-mails and alerts. In this way, both parties, family and school, can be fully and parallel to the educational task of each child / device to achieve a harmonious educational action.

As a team, we feel we have a responsibility to be in an ongoing training process. The teaching team share our needs and decide together the training we are doing.

Once a year the team is trained in the use of DEA defibrillators, CPR courses and basic life support.

We are currently interested in learning about schools with which we are affinity and providing training that maintains a complete coherence with our view of children and with active working methodologies.

Psychomotor activity has always been a mainstay of our work with children and it is a training that we have always done at Menuts.

Niña jugando en el patio | Els Menuts de la Pineda, Guardería en Gavà Mar
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